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Constant Change. Not an oxymoron. Having been a volunteer up here since the program began I have seen visitors become interns become observers become TV star meteorology Gurus. I have met and had wonderful conversations with feline carbon based life form units from Inga to Jasper to Nin to my newest friend Marty on the Mountain (not to be confused with the former Marty on the Mountain). As a volunteer I have conjured up global gourmet gastronomical epicurean edibles for countless staff; visiting scientists; media people; motion picture crews (and of course the myriads of starving edutrippers) who brave the perils of fierce hurricane force winds, white out conditions, and every type of precipitation in between.

Some things however remain constant. That would be the shared awe, respect, and love of this very special rock pile by everyone who visits. Words can’t describe the spectacular views. Digital photos can’t do justice to a sunrise over the Atlantic or full spectrum sunsets. One dark starlit night up here, is worth one hundred down there (wherever there is). Attend one of our day or overnight edutrips and you will come away with the experience of a lifetime.

Ira Seskin


Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteer

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

Spring is Here By Alexis George Our snowpack, although still present, has slowly been dwindling over the course of this month. At the beginning of March, there was a snow depth of 27 inches

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