2006-07-10 09:04:35.000 – Christy Schultz,  Summit Intern

Virga seen to the Northeast…

“It’s been sunny for so long I don’t remember what the rain looks like!” Although I have absolutely no recollection of proclaiming this at 3 o’clock am last night in the intern bunk room to Dan (who was trying to sleep despite me talking up a storm while unconscious), I must admit, it is almost a true statement. On the summit this past week I have experienced the best weather since first beginning my internship in early May. The strong system of high pressure that migrated into the Northeast on Friday pushed any lingering showers out of the region, and we haven’t seen any rainfall since! Also to go along with this dry weather were clear skies and spectacular views that brought many visitors to the summit.

Even though it would be nice to continue this dry weather trend and actually forget what rain looks like, that is not in the cards for the remainder of our shift. An upper-level disturbance moving through the area tonight and tomorrow should bring showers and possibly thunderstorms to the region, while another low pressure system will arrive over us Wednesday. Luckily, that is the day we descend into the valley, so the next shift up the mountain will have to break out the rain gear instead of us!

“So how do you all like the weather up here?” was yet another quote from my late-night monologue. Apparently, I am getting so good at giving tours of the Mount Washington Observatory that I can now present them in my sleep! If you are planning a trip to the summit, don’t forget to check out these exciting tours given by Dan and myself (both fully awake) to see the behind-the-scenes action at the Observatory and learn more about mountain weather. We look forward to seeing you!


Christy Schultz,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

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