January Conditions in Late April?

2015-04-28 00:27:04.000 – Mike Dorfman, Weather Observer/IT Specialist


We’ve been in the fog for almost a week now, and I’m starting to go a bit stir-crazy. With over 14 inches of freshly fallen snow in the last week, the summit is all but in springtime mode.  Impressive drifts are forming all over the summit, some 6-10 feet deep!  Being in the fog since last Wednesday, we’re also seeing some impressive rime formations as well!  The daggers of rime on the deck have grown the length of my arm, which makes for challenging travel.  To make matters even more interesting, all of this rime is coating almost everything, making it challenging to even collect the precipitation can.  Combing big drifts and flat light conditions makes for some entertainment.  Even in daylight, I ended up burying my face into a near vertical wall of snow on the side of a drift before I even knew it was there!
With fog forecasted through Wednesday, it looks like this shift will be yet another no-sunshine week for the summit crew!  To get a weather update for the remainder of the week, please visit our Higher Summits Forecast, and be sure to be prepared for mid-winter conditions!
Impressive DriftObserver Mike Dorfman standing next to an (already partially plowed) drift. It was 6-10 feet tall before plowing.
Impressive DriftObserver Mike Dorfman standing near one of the radio antennas on the summit. This gives a sense as to the visibility on the summit for the past few days.


Mike Dorfman, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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