L.L. Bean Visits

2008-06-23 18:01:06.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer

Posing in front of the tower

A special group of guests paid us a visit on the summit on Friday. A total of eight people from the product testing department at L.L. Bean made their way up the mountain for the day with three of them hiking up Boott Spur and the rest coming up the Auto Road. These are the people that are responsible for developing and testing new and updated products for L.L. Bean. If you don’t already know, L.L. Bean is a huge supporter of the Observatory as a corporate sponsor. Support we are certainly very thankful for.

The purpose of this visit was two-fold. First of all, we wanted these people to get a chance to see the facilities up here, as well as what we do when we are working and living on the summit. Knowing this will allow them to better understand how we could help them test products. The second purpose was to have myself and Steve (the only observers awake at the time), sit down with them and discuss our relationship with this part of L.L. Bean and how it could be improved.

In then end, it turned out to be a very productive and enjoyable day for both the L.L. Bean crew and our own crew. With what was discussed during the meeting, hopefully the Observatory will be able to further develop this part of our relationship with L.L. Bean by testing a wider range of products in the future.

Thank you to the crew from L.L. Bean for taking the time to come and see us. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit them in Freeport sometime soon!

Here are a few pictures from the day:

Me Giving a Tour

Meeting in the Conference Room

Lunch Time!

The Wonderful Cake Volunteer William Lanford Made


Brian Clark,  Observer

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