Life at the Top

2011-10-25 17:35:00.000 – Linda & Dave Andrzejewski,  Summit Volunteers

Red Painted Sunrise

We have been to the top of Mt. Washington multiple times over the past years but to be able to live 24/7 and to interact with the Observatory Staff personally is a worthwhile experience in itself.

Our primary responsibility as volunteers is cooking the evening meal which gives us ample time to enjoy the mountain and its ever changing weather conditions. With intermittent cloud cover throughout the week, we have experienced all kinds of wintry mix; from the fascinating phenomenon of rime ice to freezing fog to 84 mph wind gusts.

On Saturday with cameras in hand and clear visibility, we had spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. As the morning wore on, the sun heated up the various TV and radio towers, causing the rime ice to melt and fall. It constantly amazes us at how fast the weather can change here at the top. Sunday morning, we rose early to photograph a beautiful sunrise but by afternoon the summit was back in the clouds.

No matter what the weather or your mode of reaching the summit; to experience the mountain in all its glory, is one you don’t want to miss.


Linda & Dave Andrzejewski,  Summit Volunteers

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