Life On The Rock In March

2015-03-10 16:53:01.000 – Dennis Rosolen, Summit Volunteer


 A beautiful day for my first ride on the sno-cat, quite an experience I tell you. It seemed to be a long ride up with pushing snow and backing up, I wondered if we were going to make it but at last we arrived in good form on the summit. I had the pleasure of being with Kyle, Tom and Mike again this trip and felt very comfortable with the week ahead, what a great bunch of guys. Now, the weather was typical, sunny and clear one minute and cloudy the next. Winds at 50, 60, and 70 mph with a period of -47 windchill, now that was a rush walking around the deck in. This why we come up here! Had fun with Kendra, the other volunteer cooking for the crew, as well as day trip and climbing parties. It was fun meeting people and interacting with them, another reason to be here. I had a conversation with Marty the summit cat who seemed upset the other day, he said they took him outside to take pictures of him in the snow and had him go through a snow tunnel. Marty stated quite clearly that he did not care for this experience but would forgive the guys in a little while. He further mentioned that the State Park guys brought up a dog of all things and I quote “ I had to stay on the couch all day with nowhere to go because of that dog!” Well it is Tuesday with much to do and prepping for the ride home tomorrow, boy did this week go fast! Until the next time have fun on the rock!

Marty hanging out in the weather room on a nice day 


Dennis Rosolen, Summit Volunteer

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