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2009-04-07 14:38:39.000 – Lisa Zatko,  Summit Volunteer


The changing seasons affect the observatory in a few ways. Weather, of course, comes to mind first, when spring rains wash away the summits snow to be replaced with ice. This week’s weather proved that spring is here, but winter-like conditions still persist, not willing to relinquish its presence on the summit.

Another change that has happened is the end of the winter edu-trips. We had two groups here this week, one of which was my co-volunteers son’s Boy Scout troop. They completed their merit badge for weather and also had a great time riding up and down the mountain in the snow cat, as well as being blown around the summit in the high winds.

Also, during the week we enjoyed the company of three hikers from Canada and their guide who lives locally. We also enjoyed the company of the Cranmore Mountain Resort staff.

Now that the week is coming to an end, as usual it is bittersweet. My co-volunteer, Nicole and I have become fast friends and will continue our friendship off the mountain. However, we both will have to say good bye to the staff, Steve, Stacey, Mike and Jordan, all of whom have been so kind to us. Thanks for a fantastic week


Lisa Zatko,  Summit Volunteer

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