Martys Mewsings

2011-08-08 17:38:12.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

Catching up on my Fur-ty Winks w/ a buddy of mine.

Hello, Marty here. I figure it is the purr-fect time to write a comment since it’s been a while since you heard from me. Life has been purr-ty nice up here. About 80 purr-cent of my day is spent cat napping and catching up on my fur-ty winks but every once and a while, I make appearances around the summit. One place I like to visit is the mew-seum since it is warm and inviting and very active as all the visitors make their purr-chases and then purr-use our museum (which I’m told is free to patrons coming up on the Mount Washington Auto Road and the Cog). Once I get my fill of tourists downstairs, I head back up into the concession area where purr-sistent tourists purr-sue me and try to pet me and make me purr-form. It’s all a bit purr-plexing especially since I like my space and to be left alone. So, needless to say, I don’t stick around there too long.

Once I get back to the Observatory, I find everybody working and not paying me any attention. It’s one thing to avoid the tourists, but these humans should be smothering me with love since I’m adorable. I thought purr-haps if I sat on top of the stack of cat-a-logs (or “B-16’s” as the interns call them) someone would eventually pay me some attention. But, I can only sit looking purr-ty for so long before I start to get bored and a bit claw-strophobic. So, after bugging Brian to let me out, I head outdoors for a bit and purr-sue the various mice and voles around the summit. After playing outdoors and making appearances all day, I get famished and head back indoors to eat. I head downstairs and have my bowl of Mice Krispies and Kit-tea (although Ryan says that it’s just Cat Food and water. But, I like to use my imagination). After my gullet is full, I am tuckered, so it’s back to my cat napping and dreaming about some magical place called The Canary Islands. So long for now…


Marty,  Summit Cat

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