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2012-04-26 17:06:38.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

I’m cuddly and I know it.

Just saying, is it spring or not? Last week I went outside all the time, it was sunny, not very windy even, and I found lots of good places to take a nap or two outside when I got tired of hiking around the summit. I got into the rhythm pretty quickly. I had to be quick though, the observers weren’t going through the usual ritual of putting on all kinds of stuff over their bodies before heading out. They just went out in the same stuff they had on their bodies in the weather room. But they’re pretty predictable about opening the door and all I have to do is wait by the door to the obs deck by the tower to go in or out. Of course inside the tower it’s a little trickier because I have to wait for one of the humans to open the door into the weather room or the living room. So, things were going pretty good until a few days ago when I got let into the tower and it was raining inside, buckets all over, yuk! And when the door opened to outside, I swear the fur almost blew off my body! Next thing I knew, the world was covered again with the white stuff and the observers were covering their bodies again. This is clearly why they made litter boxes, I have no need to freeze my ‘ahem’ off in that kind of weather!

But, inside it’s still ok. The volunteers even gave me a big box to play with and put a fleece blanket inside. I LOVE fleece! My treat drawer in the weather room is well stocked and I have a new tunnel to run through that makes the humans happy and gives them something to play with too. It’s pretty dry inside the building but the humans remember to give me my medicine so I don’t lick my fur off from the itch.

I see signs that all those happy people who drop food will be back soon. The State Park guys are painting and fixing stuff up. I get to go visit them most anytime I want. There are still lots of humans coming to visit us but I’ve heard that more will be arriving soon, another sign that winter is ending.

I guess it takes a lot of work to get Spring to come and stay…. Until it does, I’ll just keep napping and waiting.


Marty,  Summit Cat

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