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2009-09-05 05:34:15.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

Marty here

Those observers, interns, and volunteers have been writing so many comments, I haven’t gotten a chance to get my two cents in since that cruel joke a while ago about my kittens that didn’t exist (that intern Jordan still has not been forgiven)! You’ve been hearing from all of the staff about the summer and how it has been going (in between naps and lounging sessions I keep up with all of the comments). But meow it’s my turn to give you the real scoop! I persuaded Mike to translate this for me (I am quite the irresistible cat).

I’ve been feeling better since I got my teeth pulled and my ears cleaned a while ago. Besides that trip down the mountain with Brian, the observer I prefer the most (the blonde one), which was unpleasant, the summer hasn’t been too cat-astrophic. In fact, I met my near-purrrrfect match a while ago. Her name was Amy, she was an intern, and she was up here with me for what seemed like a very short time. Every one else was poking and prodding me with eardrops and medicines, but Amy never did! Yes, I definitely purr-fered her out of all of the other humans up here.

Then there was that day when Stacey, Mike, and Scott gave me a bath. That was an unpleasant experience, and I did not have many kind purrs for them. I was sure to let them know that Amy was number one on my list after that day. And I didn’t see Steve around, so he’s ok (the British one). I think Stacey was especially jealous, but what can I say? She was extremely out of (fe)line when she scrubbed me down!

I have been able to get outside a lot this summer. When there is nice weather, the observers have let me go outside (hmmmm…let me? Actually, they don’t really have a choice. They can’t resist my meows!) and stretch my legs. I really enjoy running around on the deck and on the rocks around the summit. My kitty legs are looking especially toned this year.

Sometimes when I’m inside during the day, visitors come in to my home to take tours. All of the observers and interns think the visitors came to see them and their weather toys, but we all know better-they probably just came to catch a glimpse of me! Sometimes I make an appearance, but a lot of the time, I’m just too busy lounging on the couch or cat-napping on my favorite chair. So if you’re interested, come on up to the summit and sign up to take a tour. You might just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of me and my luscious fur (a sighting of me is more rare than a Bigfoot sighting!).

After the sun goes down, I’ve occasionally been keeping the night observers company. I usually take a few laps through the building during the night, and I’ll pass through the weather room to say a quick hello. I’ve brought them a few presents during the night, which I think they have enjoyed, but you’ll have to ask them yourselves. But usually, I prefer to plop down on MY spot on MY couch and get some much-needed sleep after a long day of lounging.

Meow it’s time for me to send some thanks to all of you generous ones who I do not see all the time on my mountain home. All of you who send me toys and other things to play with when I’m not spending time getting my beauty rest are greatly appreciated! They have not only kept me entertained, but all of the staff too. Sometimes it seems like they play with my toys more than I do, which I do NOT appreciate!

That’s all of the summit dirt from my alternative perspective (a foot off the floor). Because it’s so difficult getting an observer who is meowlingual to help me, this is probably the last time you’ll hear from me for a while.



Marty,  Summit Cat

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