Marty’s Trip to the Vet

2019-07-08 18:24:06.000 – Ethan Rogers, Summit Intern


Marty the cat, our world-renowned summit mascot, made his yearly trip off the mountain today. His annual trip to the veterinarian came today, and boy was it an interesting morning. Keeping a close eye on Marty’s health, who is now 14 years old, is an important job for those who work here on the summit. To get a cat off the summit of a mountain in the middle of a work week, there was a lot of planning and personnel involved. First, because Marty does not like going to the vet, much less going down the auto road to get to the vet, he had to be given weak tranquilizers to help him rest on the way down. It took 2 interns to corral him into the cat carrier, which he also does not particularly enjoy. He was taken down by Summit Operations Manager, Rebecca Scholand. The trip down the auto road also involved having kids keep an eye on Marty while he was in the cat carrier. Once back on the summit, Marty immediately hid back in the State Parks living quarters, presumably hiding from the summit personnel who took him to a cat’s least favorite place.

“Time for a PURRfect nap after this CLAWful day…”


Ethan Rogers, Summit Intern

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