Mild Weather

2011-01-29 22:46:28.000 – David Quigley,  Summit Intern


There are strenuous days and there are relaxing days. I would peg today as relaxing. Each morning I fulfill my intern duty of shoveling the exits. I never know what to expect when opening the front door. The situation awaiting me ranges from deep, wind blown drifts to yellow snow from hikers disobeying the sign asking them not to relieve themselves in the entrance. Today, however, I was happy to see about an inch of incredibly light snow. Shoveling the entrance took just a few minutes. When I came back inside, I noticed a few brooms inside and regretted that I had not taken the rare opportunity to sweep instead of shovel.

I spent the most of the day rewriting the software which interfaces with the summit’s weather instruments. The system collects, processes, displays, and logs the data coming in from instruments. This afternoon I took a break to take my first fog obs under the guidance of Stacy. This was a momentous occasion. For the record, here are the results from my first ever observation.

Time: 13:55 ZULUTemperature: 5.9 degrees FWind Direction: WestMinutes of Sunshine: 0Sky Cover: 8/8Visibility: 1/16 milesWeather: Light Snow & Fog

Other than that the mild weather has made for a rather un-noteworthy day. The sky cleared up at nigh, which ended up being starry and beautiful. Marty had a rare clumsy moment. He fell off a cabinet, bounced off the phone, and hit the floor rather hard. Understandably, he was very embarrassed. I am hoping for more exciting weather soon.


David Quigley,  Summit Intern

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