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2007-11-11 02:06:26.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Senior Staff Meteorologist


After finishing monthly check, I was trying to think of a way of relaying my feeling on the findings. So I thought of baseball. Weird, right? Well just bare with me.

I will examine October over the last three years with this analogy. October will be like the World Series. In 2005, the Mount Washington “Rockpile” (team name) had a strong line up. “Nor Easter” with his strong back handed swing that would hit them out of the park, “Great Lakes Low” with his persist swings of ample moisture, and “Al Berta Clipper” who sometimes takes on the greatness of his teammate Nor Easter just to name a few. During this year, everything lined up perfectly for the “Rockpile” to take home the trophy hands down with zero losses; setting records for precipitation and snowfall with 28.70” and 78.9” respectfully. In 2006, the “Rockpile” had another banner year, keeping all its strong players but not playing quite as well and losing a few of the filler players that it had in 2005. Still taking it all in the end, and if not for 2005, this would have been their record setting year for snowfall with 41.7 inches. With two strong years under the belt, the observers were backing the Rockpile to sweep a third year but this was not the case. The key players were not playing as strong as they had the two previous years and the rookie “Short Wave” was just not living up to the hype. Although October did alright, it was not another banner year. So the observers will have to wait another year to see if the “Rockpile” can make a comeback in October of 2008.

So now that I have relayed my analogy, here is what I found:
-The average temperature was 36.9F, 6.7F above normal.
-The high temperature was 59F recorded on the fifth.
-The low temperature was 5F recorded on the twenty ninth.
-The summit received 10.06” of melted precipitation, 2.40 inches above normal.
-The maximum recorded in 24 hours was 2.67” on the nineteenth and twentieth.
-The summit received 5.6” of snowfall, 8.2 inches below normal. That brings the seasons total to 7.0 inches which is 9.2 inches below normal.
-The maximum recorded snowfall in 24 hours was 2.9 inches on the thirteenth and fourteenth.
-The average wind speed was 37.3 mph, 3.2 mph above normal.
-The peak wind was 110 mph from the West on the twenty first.
-There were 14 days of peak gusts of 73 mph or more.
-There were 3 days of peak gusts of 100 mph or more.
-The summit received 41 percent of its possible sunshine.
-There were 4 days that were clear, 11 that were partly cloudy, and 16 that were cloudy.
-There were 28 days with fog, 13 with rain, and 9 with snowfall.


Ryan Knapp,  Senior Staff Meteorologist

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