Morning Walk With Marty

2013-07-16 15:03:43.000 – Samantha Brady,  Summit Museum Attendant

Marty on the Deck

With no windows in the Museum, I see minimum sunlight throughout the day. That is if we are not in the fog. The Museum is located in the basement of the Sherman Adams Building. I spend the majority of my 12 hour day down there.

With that being said, I enjoy my hour in the morning to head outside for some peace and quiet before the crowds rush in and I am occupied selling t-shirts, gifts, and memberships to those who would like an inside tour of our weather station.

I wake up and check the webcams to see if we are in the clear. If so, I take a jaunt outside. Marty follows behind as I walk upstairs and out the doors. Marty is more a follower than a leader. He will follow me where ever I roam. He himself does enjoy the burst of heat given off by the bright sun. He will plop himself down, roll in some dirt, and then sunbathe for the next few minutes while I watch and observe him.

I must admit he has quite the personality when he wants some attention. He sure knows how to pose for the camera. When it’s about time to open up, I let him know I am heading inside, and he follows me back in. He will MEOWW most of the time, letting me know he is right behind me and to not walk to far ahead. He then follows me into the museum where he will wait until the first wave of summit guests arrive, and then he quickly sneaks his way back into the living quarters to claim his seat on the couch for the rest of the day.


Samantha Brady,  Summit Museum Attendant

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