Mount Washington Observatory Fall Internship

2017-06-25 09:32:26.000 – Tom Padham, Weather Observer/Education Specialist


Our application deadline for the fall internship is only a few short weeks away, so now is the time to apply! The fall internship runs from late August to late December, and is a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience for those with a background in any of the sciences.

The fall season also often features the full range of weather the summit can experience. Early fall can still see thunderstorms or potentially even tropical systems along with “warm” temperatures in the 50s and 60s. By late September, the summit usually has already seen measurable snow, with much more to follow heading into October. Fall foliage is also in full swing in the surrounding valleys during this time, which can make for some great photos with the high peaks of the White Mountains living up to their name surrounded by autumn colors.

By the end of the fall internship winter is fully underway, and we often see some of the extreme winter weather we’re so famous for. December in particular we’ve recorded some of the biggest extremes in our 85-year history, with temperatures as cold as -46°F and winds up to 182 mph. If you’re interested in applying for our fall internship be prepare for plenty of shoveling, deicing, and some of the worst weather on earth! For more information click the link here

Views at sunrise during the fall season last year 


Tom Padham, Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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