My first few days…

2007-05-26 09:31:10.000 – Lynn Metcalf,  Summit Intern

A lot of work ahead…

As a Forest Engineering student, I was admittedly nervous about my first week as an intern with a meteorological observatory. However, my fears were soon laid to rest by the friendly staff. I really enjoy gathering around the table for supper (the food has been great, thanks to our wonderful volunteers) where we all get to talk and joke with each other.

Although there may not be any forecasting in my future, I was put right to work learning how to use the various instruments and have been getting lessons on the principles of meteorology. I learned very quickly that I do not have much of an aptitude for slinging.

The bulk of my time in the past two days has been devoted to helping get the museum and gift shop up and running, which had undergone quite the transformation by the time we called it a night around midnight yesterday. If you find yourself at the summit, stop by to check out all of our hard work.

I was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday on a hike to Lion Head via the Tuckerman Ravine trail. It felt quite different starting a hike at the top of a mountain and going down. I returned by way of the Alpine Garden and am looking forward to alpine flower season.

It is already very apparent that my summer at the home of the world’s worst weather will be an amazing and rewarding experience. I have yet to be knocked flat by strong winds, but I know it can’t be far off! I can’t wait to experience the different weather conditions, which I am sure the mountain will throw at me when I least expect them.


Lynn Metcalf,  Summit Intern

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