Natalie Martin First Week

2008-05-24 16:11:25.000 – Natalie Martin,  Summit Intern

Rime ice bulls eye

My first shift on the summit began this Wednesday with just a bit of snow left on the auto road and relatively clear skies. I was able to get a few pictures in while we were out of the clouds of my first hands-on encounter with rime ice and some of my favorite “weather”, virga! The past few days have been quite different with winds picking up, staying in the fog throughout the day, and experiencing my first painful weather (ice pellets + high wind speed=ouch).

Thursday night Mike at the State Park took nine of us on his scary buildings tour which included the Tip Top House that was built in 1853 and served as a hotel for wealthy vacationers to the summit. We also toured the radio building and checked out some spooky living quarters that, according to Mike, house the recently deceased until they figure out which route they will take to the afterlife. He offered up $50 to whoever would stay the entire night there alone without coming back screaming. Needless to say, though there were many talkers in the group, none of our nine slept there that night.

Other than those memorable experiences, most of my time here has been going out on observations with Brian and Steve, helping Sharon out by getting the gift shop ready for opening today, and getting a lot of training from the staff-oh, and petting Marty! I love cats and really enjoy having Marty around because it is one thing that connects me to home (I have two cats).

I am excited about the weeks ahead when lots of visitors flood the summit building so I can chit chat, give tours, and feel more at ease. It feels a little strange knowing there is only a handful of people on the mountain. I am also looking forward to great experiences, making friends (which I have already done), and taking photographs to share with my family who is so excited that I am here. Hi mom!


Natalie Martin,  Summit Intern

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