Natalie’s Farewell

2008-08-19 11:55:36.000 – Natalie Martin,  Summit Intern

This summer I’ve seen fog, rime ice, clear views of over 100 miles, and powerful thunderstorms. I’ve researched the observatory’s carbon footprint, made videos for the obscasts, entered millions of pieces of weather data online, cataloged and labeled our videos, worked in the museum/shop, created SOPs, forecasted, broadcasted, and observed the weather. I’ve made friends with observers, interns, volunteers, and visitors. I’ve peered out of thick glass windows during thunderstorms, ran outside in the fog at night, sat quietly on rocks looking at the vastness before me, and even sought the peak. I’ve heard sad stories, funny stories, ghost stories, and fond memories. With temperatures expected to dip below freezing tonight, I may even end up finishing the summer as I started, with ice. As my internship comes to a close I will remember my time on Mount Washington as a place to learn, explore, and make connections. I will be back in the future for one reason or another, but I would like to take this space to say goodbye for now and thank you to all that gave me to opportunity to be here.

Note from the valley:
If you’re in the North Conway area Wednesday night, be sure to stop by the Weather DiscoveryCenter to “visit” the Seacoast Science Center. It’s our last program of the SubaruScience in the Mountains: A Passport to Science summer series.

This summer we’ve been taking our visitors to scientific destinations far and wide! Through videoconferencing technology we’ve gone to the Alaska Sealife Center, SpaceCenter Houston, talked with Isaac Ginis at the University of Rhode Island, SouthPole and the National Baseball Hall of Fame, where we learned about science on thesandlot.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this series now is the time! On Wednesday, August 20 at 7 PM we’ll close out the series with a trip to the coastof New Hampshire for a live look at the tidepools of the Granite State’s rockyshores. The Weather Discovery Center is located on Main Street in North Conway Village. Admission is FREE and seating is limited. Arrive early and enjoy some refreshments.Thanks to Subaru of America, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation – North Countryregion and 93.5 WMWV for supporting this series. It’s been a fantastic summer!


Natalie Martin,  Summit Intern

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