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2012-04-15 00:58:29.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

Footprints in the snow

Although today may not be a traditional shift change day, it is shift change day for me, in more ways than one. I am heading off the mountain for a quick set of days off. Starting on Wednesday I will be returning and joining the other shift as a new member. After working with my current shift since I began here on the summit I will miss them, but will have shift change days to look forward to. The reason I am switching shifts is due to another job change here within the organization. Starting Wednesday I will be working alongside Brian Clark as the Education Specialist on the opposite shift. This is what I have been working towards since I began as an intern in the summer of 2010.

It is a great feeling knowing that all my hard work has paid off and I am now a full time part of the Mount Washington Observatory. Although some of my duties will not change, there are far more that will. These past few days on the summit I have been working with Brian to learn some of the necessary tasks required for my new position. In learning I am reminded of how complex and unique working on the summit can be. As I have said in the past and will continue to say, I am so thankful for the opportunity to work for the Observatory and look forward to all the new tasks and experiences, while fulfilling the role as Education Specialist.


Rebecca Scholand,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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