New to the Summit and Loving It!

2015-06-08 17:58:17.000 – Elena Weinberg, Summit Intern


I’m a few days into my first shift week on the summit and am thrilled to be here! I feel so lucky to have come up on such a clear morning. The view was breathtaking on the way up!

White Mountains

After a short time in the clouds, the weekend turned out to be beautiful, so I explored some of the trails around the summit, hiking down to Lakes of the Clouds, up to Mt. Monroe, and a short way down the Tuckerman Ravine Trail.

Lakes of the Clouds

We saw a beautiful sunset at the end of Saturday. It was well worth shivering in the chilly air brought in by the cold front!

View of sunset

I’m learning so much here already. The morning radio broadcast, giving tours, forecasting, and equipment maintenance are just a few of the items that have been on my plate since I arrived. I’ve also joined my shift’s Seek the Peak team, the Cirrus Contenders, and am excited to participate in the Observatory’s annual hike-a-thon event for the first time next month! 


Elena Weinberg, Summit Intern

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