2008-08-08 05:28:39.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

Look it is clear – the view on Friday morning

I’m working nights this week, since Mike, who has ended up as our main nocturnal observer on this shift, is away on vacation. This is only the second shift I’ve done on nights and it’s taking a while to get back into the routine. During the day there are usually two observers around so we split the observations and routine work allowing both of us to get other tasks done. On nights, however, there is only ever one observer so your time is pretty much taken up with observations, quality checks, radio shows, changing charts and related paper work. On the plus side it is much quieter with no phones ringing, no tours and no interruptions. n

nWeather wise it has continued to be a very wet and foggy time up here on the summit. So far in the first seven days of this month we have recorded 6.94 inches of rain. Historically August averages 8.08 inches of precipitation for the entire month.n

nOn a side note it should be pointed out that it has recently stopped raining and we did in fact clear out of the fog late Thursday evening! The last time we had such a long clear spell of weather was last Saturday. I’m hoping that Monday night will also be clear as the Perseids meteor shower is due to peak then – it would be great to see from up here.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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