(Not) Kite flying weather…

2006-08-18 07:32:05.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer

Barely kiting from the tower…

Dan and Walter spend the night at Lakes two nights ago, and returned early yesterday morning with a kite that they found tangled and crashed among the rocks. Eager to try it out, they attached a new kite string and ran to the observation deck…where it refused to fly. No Wind. Overheard jokingly in the background…”They should try that thing on Mount Washington…I hear they have wind there…”

Certainly yesterday wasn’t very Mount Washington like at all, as winds only averaged 11mph for the entire day. Not to be defeated, the interns did find a few gusts atop the tower, and thus the daily picture at right. Otherwise though, observers were treated to perfectly clear skies, and visibilities out past 100 miles, both rare in the summer!

Enjoying the day with the Obs crew was a group of members taking part in a summer seminar. The group proved doubly lucky, for after a great sunset last night, the sunrise this morning was definitely a top 5 for this year!!! And for a view of that…check out Christy’s picture of that in our photojournal by clicking here!


Jim Salge,  Observer

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