Notes From a Volunteer

2012-01-24 23:05:52.000 – Paul Goundrey,  Summit Volunteer

My previous trips up for a volunteer shift have been planned well in advance and I had a real sense of excitement and anticipation, the last 2 with my wife Althea (*miss you Al*). This time was a bit different. Early winter a call for help went out that an open shift existed and volunteers were needed. I put my name in and for some reason I was asked to go. So I started thinking about the shift and immediately had feelings of regret and guilt because Althea would not be able to come this time.

After a hectic Saturday night and Sunday full house I was really tired. I went up to the weather room to stretch my legs and talking with Roger did a little grousing about the amount of work and time that goes into prepping meals for 17 people. Part of his reply was spot on, “You know you keep coming back”.

Well he is right. When all is said and done, it is well worth it. There always seems to be another new experience, for me this time it was a sun pillar at sunset! Also the pie contest last night. The clouds were amazing, we had a great sunset and I had a few turns on the east snowfields. Now on my fifth shift I have my favorite spots for shooting photos and know when to go to them for certain effects. Plus you get to help and be part of a very unique institution.

Another new twist was who I would be partnered with. It has been a great time with Kevin. He came really prepared for the dinners and I was his sous dessert and chef. He has a great attitude, relaxed to my pacing. I really enjoyed working with him and talking about our photography. When preparing supper on Friday he was mumbling to himself and I said “did you just say mingya”. How many out there know the implications of that? We actually have a fair amount in common.

So thank you Brian, Ryan, Roger and Rebecca for sharing your “house” with me, I had fun as usual.

Till next time.


Paul Goundrey,  Summit Volunteer

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