2010-08-28 10:00:04.000 – Linda & Dave Andrzejewski,  Summit Volunteers


As first time volunteers to the ‘rock pile’, we certainly had a unique opportunity to view Mt Washington from a different perspective. The mountain cooperated and we experienced how fast and variable the weather changes. One of the many things we learned is that we definitely packed too much for our weeks’ stay. But we’ll know better the next time.

Seeing the night time sky the way a visitor cannot was amazing. We had many clear nights when the surrounding communities twinkled below in the darkness. Being able to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers was an added treat. At our leisure we could get up early to watch the sunrise which was a great way to start each day. And of course, we’d watch as the sun set each night creating a colorful canvas in the sky. One evening, the winds out of the west reached 45 mph. Standing on the observatory deck, we had to hold onto the railing just to stand still. Trying to hold our cameras steady in order to document the beautiful sunset was yet another challenge. My small Canon camera had a hard time trying to focus with the high winds. The color of the sky before us was truly amazing. The big fluffy pink clouds were buffeted by the wind and moved rapidly across the sky so close you felt you could touch them.

We have been to the top of Mt Washington multiple times over the past years but having the opportunity to live at the top 24/7; to meet the Observatory staff personally and learn about the mission of the Observatory up close was quite an experience that we will not soon forget. We were amazed at the number of people who do make the journey to the top every day no matter what the weather is. Of course, when they started out from the valley, I’m sure the weather was nice. But once they reached the summit, sometimes they were in for a surprise because the mountain was in the clouds and fog which just adds to the drama. No matter what the weather, or your mode of transportation to reach the summit, to experience the mountain in all its glory, is one you don’t want to miss. Before we knew it Wednesday came around again and it was time to pack up our gear. It was a mere 42Ëš on the summit but by the time the van had reached the parking lot at the base of the mountain it was in the 80s. Our week had ended but our memories will last forever.


Linda & Dave Andrzejewski,  Summit Volunteers

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