2010-08-03 20:44:55.000 – Sabrina Lomans,  Summit Intern

As my last full day as a summit intern comes to its close, I am reflecting upon all the things that I will miss about living and working on the summit. To name a few, would be the beautiful views, the extreme weather, my coworkers… But the thing that I think I will miss the most is mine (and everyone else’s) staff member, Marty.

I remember my excitement on my first ascent up the mountain, I could hardly wait, I was going to meet Marty. The weather, the environment, the new experiences were all secondary thoughts. As I walked through the door of the living quarters, I looked around and there he was. Almost shaking with reverence I moved closer to him. He looked so regal and it was just like meeting a celebrity. As I reached out my hand to pet him, he swatted my hand and sprinted away.

Undettered by the unsuccessful first encounter, Marty and I continued to work on our relationship throughout the weeks I spent on the summit. I mean who was I to be mad, Marty is famous and I was just one of his lowly followers. Eventually, he allowed me to share some of my tuna with him and even hold him for a few seconds without running away.

So here I am, merely hours before my internship ends and Marty and I must part ways. I know in time the void will be filled but for now I am trying to spend as much quality time with him as possible. This has been a great experience in that I was able to learn so much and very thankful for all memories made.


Sabrina Lomans,  Summit Intern

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