2010-07-02 19:00:56.000 – Sabrina Lomans,  Summit Intern


Getting snow in July was defiantly an interesting surprise yesterday! It was exciting to see something so out of the ordinary, but atypical weather occurrences are fairly normal at the summit of Mount Washington.

However, today was very different from yesterday. The snow and fog cleared out and left a sunny (but cool) day. It is projected to stay nice throughout the weekend with an increase in temperatures. I am very excited about the weather clearing because it is just in time for the Fourth of July on Sunday. If the skies do stay clear, I am hoping to see something else that is quite an atypical experience. According to the more seasoned staff you actually look down from the summit to see the fireworks. Now, in my fourth week of being an intern, I am still continually surprised by Mount Washington.


Sabrina Lomans,  Summit Intern

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