2011-07-16 14:06:18.000 – Peter Strand,  Summit Intern

Guests at the summit

Car, train, motorcycle, bicycle, hiking, running, and walking. There are endless ways to get to the summit of Mt. Washington on any given day. Tomorrow we can add yet another method of transportation to the list, horse-drawn carriage! That’s right, tomorrow the Auto Road will be closed to motor vehicles and open only to horses as part of their 150th anniversary celebration.

As for today, it’s safe to say that all other methods of ascension are being used, and in great numbers. The fantastic weekend weather has drawn hundreds if not thousands of people to the summit. This afternoon there was even a line (or “queue” as Steve would say) forming to get a picture at the summit sign. Guests might have a hard time believing that we are the home of the “world’s worst weather” based on the past couple of days. Even though warm temperatures, light winds and sunshine can be though of as boring weather days, it’s a trade we’re willing to make occasionally.

Tomorrow the road will be closed for the horses, and the weather will great once again. Sounds to me like a perfect day to hike to the summit! Remember that the observatory is always open for tours, so don’t hesitate to come visit us.


Peter Strand,  Summit Intern

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