2010-06-16 17:13:51.000 – Margaret and David,  Summit Volunteers


Hello and goodbye to all at Mount Washington!

It’s the end of a very unique experience at the top of the mountain, cheffing for the crew of the MWO. We were warmly welcomed and went straight to work with non-stop prep, cooking, baking, cleaning, polishing, scrubbing, baking, cooking, baking, cooking…This crew never stops eating!! And they’re all so happy with the continuous baked goods and fresh meals! Easy to please!

One gorgeous afternoon for David and I, hiking to the Lakes in the Clouds. Rough terrain, wet fog and occasional light drizzle on a forecasted clear day. But as always, the unpredictable weather of Mt Washington is difficult to predict, even by the experts up here at the top.

We spent a great deal of our time trying to keep Marty out of his favorite sleeping spot – our bunk room. Not our choice, as we love to sleep with animals. However, some volunteers are allergic to cats and we were placed on probation a few times for not keeping the Mr Marty out of the top bunk.

Waking continually at 3:30 am for observing the beautiful sunrises, our body clocks are now in tune with waking at that hour – which is actually 12:30 am for these two California people. But what amazing sights at that hour of the morning/night.

The Milky Way showed up a couple of times. during clear, starlit nights. And we got the opportunity to stand in sustained winds of 40+mph. Fantastic. Although 100mph would have been nice to try, so we think, we did get a taste of the winds.

Many thanks to all of you at the top (Brian, Ryan, Mike, Ryane, Rebecca and Hannah) for a remarkable week – a unique experience, filled with new friendships and fun.

Be safe and happy in all you do.

Until we meet again, with warm regards,


Margaret and David,  Summit Volunteers

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