2011-06-29 23:20:26.000 – Mike Carmon,  Observer / Meteorologist


Another one bites the dust!

Just like that, a second observer that I’ve worked with since my time on the summit began has decided to move on from the Obs. If you read yesterday’s comment, you know that I’m speaking, of course, of observer Mike Finnegan, who had his final day with us yesterday. Finnegan is actually the one observer I never really shared a shift with for any significant length of time.

Back…way back…in the Fall of 2008, which seems like quite a while ago now, I was the fall summit intern on Brian and Ryan’s shift. They introduced me to summit life, and trained me throughout four months, for what would eventually be the fulfillment of a full-time observer position. Near the tail end of that internship, for not even two full shifts, Mike switched to my shift, as I was poised to take over his spot (manpower-wise, most certainly NOT IT-wise) on the other crew. This switch subsequently occurred after the commencement of the new year, allowing me to work with Steve and Stacey.

Besides that, I’d see Mike every Wednesday, and I do recall an occasion back in the Fall of 2009 where we were able to hang out off the summit during a vacation of his. Despite the fact I did not work with him much, I was sorry to see him go, and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!

And I highly doubt his replacement will be nearly as generous with his hugs!


Mike Carmon,  Observer / Meteorologist

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