2009-06-26 09:18:03.000 – Amy Terborg,  Summit Intern


Ever heard the saying that staring at the radar won’t make anything come your way? Well it seemed to be true yesterday. All afternoon we were wishing that thunderstorms would bubble up, and our wish came true. Except for the fact that they seemed to bubble up everywhere but here. New York, Vermont, Canada, and even Maine got hit with a few storms, but we were stuck in a bubble.

Last night after dark however, things started looking up a little bit and we actually got to see some action. Though the storms were off to our north we were able to view the lightning in the distance. The bright flahses lit up clouds in the distance turning the lingering fog a light yellowish color.

Weather nerds that we are, we stood with our faces pressed up against the windows for a good fifteen minutes watching the flashes and listening for thunder. Then we headed into the library to get a better view without the glare of computers in the background. After running into a few chairs to get back there the four of us (Stacey, Mike, Scott, and I) sat in the pitch dark for a long time and just watched the lightning. For me, it was a nice end to a long day.

This morning we are eagerly awaiting the afternoon hours when thunderstorms are again in the forecast and we are hoping once again to see some action. Crossing my fingers!


Amy Terborg,  Summit Intern

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