2008-07-01 04:29:52.000 – Lisa Hodges,  Summit Intern

This lovely Tuesday morning began much earlier than the rest. I awoke to Mike alerting me that we would have a nice sunrise. So I hopped out of my warm bed and threw on several layers of clothing and a hat and mittens and ventured out to the observation deck. Emerging to the deck, however, proved disappointing. The fog that we have been surrounded by all week had not yet lifted. We caught a few glimpses of the sun each time a thinner cloud blew past us. It looked like the sun had disappeared for good when, just as it made an appearance over the horizon, the fog blew by in thinner pockets. A few minutes later, we returned to the windows as the fog started to sink below the summit and were able to see even more of the sunrise. So my earliest view was not a disappointment after all. But for now, my warm bed is calling me back for a few more hours.


Lisa Hodges,  Summit Intern

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