2007-11-14 18:40:19.000 – Nicole Moore,  Summit Volunteer


Each time I come for another volunteer stint on the summit, things are a little different. The month may vary and so the light of the day does as well. I have learned that it is easier to time dinner around sunset in the winter months than in the Spring. In the Spring, there can be a conflict of events. Not an issue in November!

Of course, the weather differs continually. This week was marked by almost three days of undercast when, for so long, I had waited to see just one. At other visits I have had the memorable experience of a moonlit summit whereas this time was a “no moon” time of the month, making the night skies more brilliant. I saw a shooting star while accompanying Ryan on an hourly observation and it seemed so much closer than when I usually view them in an August sky over the sea. Five out of six days were clear enough and winds tame enough to go out for wonderful hikes around the summit with only the last full day being severe enough that I was limited to trying to stand steadfastly in the wind on the deck. Usually, the reverse is true and we are lucky to have one clear day on a shift!

The crew and guests vary in number and dynamic. I enjoy meeting these new faces. What I cook differs, depending on what inspires me in the pantry and what the crew seems to have a hankering for.

Though so many factors are in continual flux at home as well, my day- to-day life seems relatively predictable in comparison. Clearly, it is just that I am more aware of subtle change when I am here because my day is so much simpler …and that is what keeps me coming back. To have the time and the thought-provoking setting in which to contemplate is indeed restorative.


Nicole Moore,  Summit Volunteer

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