2007-09-08 08:12:31.000 – Ken Rancourt,  Meteorologist


Yesterday was a very warm day for both the summits and the valleys. We did come very close to setting a new daily record at about 3 PM yesterday afternoon. Just after the three o’clock Obs we registerd 64.4F, just 0.1F below what it would take to set a new record. (the current record of 64F was set in 2001)

Summit staff (mostly new interns Karen Thorp and Linnea Koons) took the opportunity to accomplish a number of outside tasks while it was so mild. Painting the remainder of the thermometer shack and mounting, and also the three bases for our sonic anemometers took most of the day. We were also able to get some photographs of the anemometers in a few choice locations around the summit so that we can prepare a proposal to measure winds around the summit proper for State Parks administration.

We saw a number of visitors yesterday – a few Trustees, Members, Families of the founders, and Alan Hinkley from Campbell Scientific. Campbell Scientific was the provider of all of the instrumentation used in the Auto Road Vertical Temperature Profile system. While Alan was at the Symposium he visited the summit to evaluate potential locations for a new lightning detection sensor. With a few options in mind, we’ll see how the sites work when we get a little bit of icing later on this fall.

The Symposium is still moving along at full swing. Yesterday’s presenters, and more, will be discussing climate change and some potential impacts throughout the day today at the Mount Washington Hotel. While summit staff would have liked to have been there and hear all about what is going on in the field, someone has to keep tabs on the fog up here! (Besides, we couldn’t have left Nin alone.)


Ken Rancourt,  Meteorologist

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