2007-05-29 13:55:32.000 – Mike Lombardi,  Summit Volunteer


My week as a Summit volunteer has been a fantastic experience. Everyone has been so friendly and supportive as this was my first volunteer shift. I was fortunate to be paired with fellow volunteer, Bryan Farr. who was an Observatory intern this past Fall.Our duties as volunteers included preparing meals for the staff, cleaning the kitchen and living area and assisting the staff in any way we could.We also helped get the Summit store and museum ready and open for the season.In addition to the work there was still plenty of time for hiking, reading and comraderie.This was a particular exciting time to be on the Rockpile because the Auto Road had just opened to the public on Thursday.The weather up here over the Memorial Day weekend was generally sunny and mild, encouraging many people to make the trip up by car, the Cog Railway or as hikers.I especially enjoyed watching the faces of the visitors as they admired the awe and beauty of Mount Washington.This morning marked the return of wintry weather however. The temperature bottomed out at 32 degrees with 60+ mph sustained winds produced a numbing wind chill of 13 degrees! There was also a wind gust reaching 89 mph, the only hurricane force gusts during my stay. One of the otherstaff memebers and I took a short walk outside to experience the exhilarating conditions this mountain has to offer, but quickly came back in.Tomorrow is shift change day, and alas I return to the valley for my drive home and back to sunny 80 degree weather.Later this summer, I will return to the White Mounatins for vacation and I look forward to seeing all my new friends on Mount Washington again.


Mike Lombardi,  Summit Volunteer

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