2007-04-02 10:04:31.000 – Brent Antkowiak,  Summit Intern

Me above the bowl…

With the temperatures expected to reach the freezing mark, light winds, and nearly clear skies, we were certain that the eastern snow fields would soften up yesterday and make for some great spring skiing/snowboarding. So the plan for myself was to pack up and head out during the afternoon to get some turns. The action began early though, as just before noon, I was sitting at my desk working hard on my project when Jim mentioned that it was clouding up, potentially losing any solar help to loosen up the slopes. It was time to go.

To my surprise, the snow had softened up beautifully, and there was plenty of it to ride down the eastern fields, then traverse back towards the Lion Head trail and get a birds eye view of a decent amount of skiers and snowboarders in Tuckerman Ravine. Being that this was my first pass down the fields and to Lions Head to view the bowl, I was in awe, and of course, had to take plenty of pictures.

Ryan woke up early to head down to Lions Head as well, to watch and take some pictures and video of the spills and thrills that occurred in Tucks. He was already parked on a rock when I made it there, and we spent plenty of time watching the action in the bowl for the rest of the afternoon. I had thoughts of making a pass myself, but was unsure how well my out of shape legs (it’s been a tough winter to get out an hike up here) would hold up heading back up to the summit with my board and pack strapped to my back. I decided to hold off, but had to at least make another short pass down the southeast snow fields while Ryan headed up the trail to the summit. The short hike up to make another pass was well worth it, but as I began my ascent to the summit after my last turns in the snow for the day, I realized that my legs needed some work, and that it was a good decision to not head down into Tuckerman Ravine!


Brent Antkowiak,  Summit Intern

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