2011-10-18 16:44:42.000 – Harriet and Priscilla,  Summit Volunteers

We are reflecting on the extremes of the week from arriving with clear blue skies to our first experience of Arctic weather where the whole of Mt. Washington was covered in rime ice. What stands out for us is the contrast of the winter world we stood in and the panaramic view of autumn colors below. Intermitent cloud cover allowed us to look out at the mountains and into the valley painted in autumn colors.

Our time here is primarily about cooking, but this week has been a real “taste” of winter. Nevertheless, we made the icey climb to the parapet, the highest point on the observatory. Thank you Roger!

Our time as the cooks was every bit as colorful and filled with contrast from basic but delicious meatloaf to fresh salmon baked to perfection and including an angel cake made from scratch – a miracle in itself at this elevation. Another extreme!

Thank you to our Oberserver crew Brian, Ryan, Roger, David and Erin. You are the best, and we love having you come home for dinner.


Harriet and Priscilla,  Summit Volunteers

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