2006-11-05 11:15:32.000 – Neil Lareau,  Observer


Still not much to report on the weather front. On and off snow showers, moderate west winds and cold temperatures have been the rule since Wednesday. We’ve spent much of the time at the very top edge of a low level layer of clouds, with gaps of blue sky darting by overhead. There were some nice breaks last night providing glimpses of the full moon. Temperatures bottomed out at 6 degrees, the coldest so far this season. The landscape remains a very wintry one.

We played host to our first winter trip from the Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School last night. These trips are a great way to introduce yourself to winter mountaineering under the tutelage of their professional and experienced guides. It is also an incredible opportunity to spend a night on the summit of Mount Washington, complete with good food, good company (we hope), and answers to all of your questions about weather in the mountains. For more information on trips to the summit of Mount Washington please click here for Edutrips and here for EMS climbing trips


Neil Lareau,  Observer

Celebrating National Forest Week: Trail Adoption 101

July 8th, 2024|Comments Off on Celebrating National Forest Week: Trail Adoption 101

Celebrating National Forest Week: Trail Adoption 101 By Fawn Langerman It's #NationalForestWeek! Every year during the second week of July, the National Forest Foundation (NFF), the U.S. Forest Service’s non-profit partner, hosts National Forest

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