2006-05-28 05:15:01.000 – Tim Markle,  Chief Observer

Spring Morning

What do train whistles, morning bird song, the chatter of people, and the sound of tires on gravel all have in common? Answer: They all signal the start to the summer season atop the rockpile! Indeed, yesterday was the unofficial start to the summer season, and that meant plenty of people ventured to New England’s highest peak. The weather did not cooperate, however, as the rain showers and fog which were projected to move away from the region yesterday morning lingered through much of the afternoon. As if Mother Nature was playing a cruel joke, the fog departed to reveal a stunning undercast about one hour after the last group of people left the summit.

What I find amazing is how abruptly the summer season starts up here. Most years Memorial Day weekend signals the opening of Mount Washington State Park. Therefore, you go from no people on the summit to hundreds overnight. The transistion to winter sees a waning of the amount of people until, finally, no one is left but the summit crew.

The summer is a great time to be up here, though. It is a great feeling to be able to walk onto the deck in the early morning hours to the songs of birds hopping along the rocks while watching the sun rise and color the mountains in a pinkish hue.

It is amazing to think that only days ago the summit was covered in a thick blanket of snow and ice!


Tim Markle,  Chief Observer

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