2006-05-13 16:41:37.000 – Christy Schultz,  Summit Intern

My first trip up to the summit of Mount Washington as an intern was very exciting for me this past Wednesday! I had started off my day in Vermont wearing my sunglasses, but soon had to change into warmer clothes and rain gear as I ascended the mountain with the summit crew. We were quickly in the clouds and haven’t seen the sun since.

Along with the foggy weather there have been high winds and cold temperatures (for me, that is!). The first observation I helped take in hurricane-force winds was quite a new experience: it was never hard to stand up straight in the ‘high’ winds of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but in the gusts one has to lean into the wind to remain upright. To make things more challenging, add a coat of glaze ice! The freezing rain we experienced last night through this afternoon left a thin sheet of slippery ice on every surface, including the surface of the observation deck. It’s quite easy to simply slide across the deck without moving one’s feet while in those conditions.

Since we should be in the clouds for the next few days due to the cut-off low pressure system sitting to our southwest, it’s a good thing the crew at the summit is used to these weather conditions. Seeing the sun again will definitely be a treat!


Christy Schultz,  Summit Intern

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