2011-02-26 14:21:34.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

Meow. Marty here, with Stacey translating for me. I’d much rather have my good friend Mike translate for me, but he’s doing that sleep thing. Really, I don’t understand why humans don’t catch on to the cat nap idea. It is brilliant. I thought I’d start by saying that, if it is possible, I have become more majestic and handsome over the past couple of months. My fur is thick and luxurious and not one of my subjects has been able to resist petting me.

Speaking of subjects, this seems to be the time of year when they make the pilgrimage to pay their respects to my royal highness. Almost every night a new group of visitors comes to shower me with affection (gifts and treats are lacking lately, but with the current economic situation I can’t complain too much).

With all the love I’ve been receiving, I’ve been toying with the idea of giving back some to my community. I actually took the time to purr for Stacey the other day. Unfortunately, now she thinks I really do love her, and not the fact that she feeds me and cleans my litter box. What fools these humans be. Well, it is time for my beauty rest. I need to be extra adorable tonight!


Marty,  Summit Cat

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

Spring is Here By Alexis George Our snowpack, although still present, has slowly been dwindling over the course of this month. At the beginning of March, there was a snow depth of 27 inches

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