2011-02-12 23:07:31.000 – John Raines,  Summit Volunteer


What a spectacular week! What a spectacular place! I have been climbing Mount Washington for as long as I can remember and it is always new and beautiful, but Mount Washington in winter in its full arctic splendor is amazing. I was not prepared for it and will remember it always.

I met tons of great people this week too. Climbers, day trippers, the full time staff. All of them enjoying this amazing environment and equally in awe of nature and its majesty. And riding the Snow cat to the top. What a trip! You can’t get a ride like that at King’s Dominion.

That being said, it was Super Bowl week and all of us had a great Sunday night. Imagine watching a Super Bowl sitting on the Summit of Mount Washington. I have another lifetime memory.

This was my third week as a volunteer and I advise all of you thinking about try it to do so! You will be drawn back time and again! I would be remiss if I did not mention Brian from Midway Service in Front Royal Virginia, a true Mount Washington fan whose work hasn’t let him get away to come up yet, but he checks in by internet every day. Your turn next buddy!!


John Raines,  Summit Volunteer

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