2011-02-01 16:53:58.000 – Mike Carmon,  Staff Meteorologist

No Prejudice from this Storm!

Here we go again…

The powers that be seem to have unanimously decided that this winter would be an untamed and protracted free-for-all. The endless parade of storms originating from some sort of supernatural snowy stock of strength continue to plow through (pun intended) the eastern United States, dropping round after round of wintry nuisance. At first, it seemed to be just one of those long winters that would present more obstacles (in the form of snowflakes and slippery streets) than normal. But with this latest wild winter wallop, it is clear that this winter season will be one emblazoned in our memory like a cat’s claw in a poor unsuspecting human hand.

All of the inconvenience and sheer irritation of attempting to go on with normal activities among a perpetually-falling sky aside, this latest storm system is one for the ages. The monster storm has affected or is affecting 33 of the 50 states in the U.S., and has taken particular interest in the Plains states and, of course, the eastern seaboard.

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect from New Mexico northeastward to Maine, and from Texas northward to Michigan. Tornado Watches and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are in effect in southern Mississippi and Alabama, and Ice Storm Warnings have recently been posted for New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and southern New York State. Dangerously excessive accumulations of glaze ice are an impending danger across these locations, which can effortlessly bring down trees and power lines.

Meanwhile, blizzard conditions are expected for much of the Midwest, including Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Most of these areas will witness snowfall accumulations in excess of a foot, while some locations may fall victim to as much as two feet of snow.

Turning attention a little closer to home in New England, Winter Storm Warnings are in effect throughout all areas, with accumulations over a foot expected from Boston north- and westward, with southern Vermont and New Hampshire expected to bear the brunt of this brutal beat-down, possibly hording as much as 20″ of the white stuff tomorrow.

When all is said and done, over 100 million individuals could be directly or indirectly affected by this monster storm, whether it be through canceled flights, rotting meat in powerless fridges, or by way of sore shoveling backs already weary with a winter’s worth of work.

I’m thinking Punxsutawney Phil will be seeing his shadow tomorrow.


Mike Carmon,  Staff Meteorologist

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