Obs coming to a school near you…soon

2008-04-24 23:22:18.000 – Michelle Cruz,  Outreach Coordinator


Traveling…one of my favorite things about life…that opportunity to learn about another culture…place yourself in location that you might’ve read about in an intriguing book, article, poem, or see in a painting, photograph…or it just might be that experience that you know you will take with you through life. Yep, an experience. The knowledge gained through traveling is priceless. However, the cost of a ticket for transportation is another story.

It seems fitting when I think about my job…traveling to schools, science centers and other organizations to present programs about concepts of weather and the Observatory. It’s an opportunity to share with students what I’ve learned. As a follow up, some schools even have the opportunity to visit the Observatory…to get the whole experience. But, that’s only for a few schools since my visits extend throughout the Northeast.

And, that’s why I am spending time on the summit this week…to work with Brian and Stacey on a distance learning project that will eventually bring the Observatory to the locations beyond their road-reach.

Hmm…cost of transportation? To visit the Mount Washington Observatory – in time, as patience is a virtue – may not be a question.

Oh, and for those of you who have been so kind to ask about how our fearless feline, Marty, is doing…he’s just fine.


Michelle Cruz,  Outreach Coordinator

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