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2012-02-16 21:56:05.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Operations Assistant

It seems that recently the hot posting item on Facebook has been “What People Think I do” memes about jobs, schools, states and more. With this being said I thought it was only appropriate for the summit Observers to stay up to speed with this trend. In the attached image “Meme” is our Mount Washington Observatory Observer’s Meme. Even though it is comical, there is validity behind each picture.

What Marty Fans Think We Do: Most followers are Marty Nation strong and wait for updates and pictures of our four legged fur ball on the summit, but that’s not all. Most are members of the Mount Washington Observatory to support the work we do as a private, non-profit scientific educational institution! We rely on our members for their support to further the work we do on our arctic island and home to the world’s worst weather. Without our members Marty would not have the life he does on the summit. So any viewers not a member yet, consider joining. Become part of an extraordinary organization and help support our work, and we promise to keep the Marty updates coming.

What The Valley Staff Thinks We Do: Eat, Eat, and go back for seconds. To anyone who has spent the night on the summit it is no surprise that the crew and guests eat very well. Thanks to our members that volunteer their time for eight days to live with us on the summit and cook incredible meals we eat like kings. Don’t be fooled either, it is no easy task cooking for anywhere from six to 17 people a night! With overnight EduTrips visiting the summit on a frequent basis, we consume food.

What Society Thinks We Do: Our YouTube channel and Facebook usually have something new and fun posted from frozen bubbles to breath taking sunsets. Because we live and work on the summit of Mount Washington for eight days at a time we have the ability to be here when nature allows for some fun. Being able to share the beauty of the mountain is something we all look forward too not only because we get to have some fun with it but some things just doesn’t happen very often.

What Our Friends Think We Do: Spending time in front of the computer doing “weather things”. Well we do sit in front of the computer at least once an hour but with the extreme weather Mount Washington receives chances are you will find us outside observing and keeping our instrumentation working. On days when we are icing outside, de-icing becomes a task. Add cold temperatures and high winds and you have yourself the makings for an exhilarating venture outdoors. One look at our deck webcam shows the variations in conditions we face every hour.

What We Think We Do: Sometimes it feels like you are just throwing darts into the “weather dart board” and going with it. Although this might seem silly it tends to be true in two different ways. While there is always uncertainty to forecasting the weather as Mike Carmon alluded to in one of last week’s observer comments, we are in the fog about 60% of the year. Sometimes you guess when you throw the dart and sometimes we are dead on because well we spend a lot of time in the clouds.

What We Actually Do: EVERYTHING! We are meteorologists, observers, educators, IT specialists, researchers, handymen, troubleshooters, snow removal experts, scientists, media faces, radio voices, cameramen, video editors, comment writers, and employees of the Mount Washington Observatory!


Rebecca Scholand,  Operations Assistant

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