Our Volunteer Week on the Rockpile

2014-03-26 05:57:35.000 – Betsy Fowler & Judith Leoni,  Summit Volunteers


Mild wintry weather began our week up here, but we jumped right in to plan our meals for the edutrip that arrived the next day, Thursday. The weather Wednesday night turned snowy, very cold and windy so we wondered if the edutrip would be able to come up. The snowcat was able to get them here and we treated them to a pork roast with all the fixin’s. They ate well and were grateful for our efforts which makes it all worthwhile. The next morning we got lucky and were able to view a beautiful, rosy sunrise in frigid wind chills. The weather continued extremely windy with low visibility later on, so we weren’t sure if the EMS climbing school group would make it on Saturday. It took them all day to get to the top but they managed and arrived very cold, but no one got frostbite or hypothermia.

The next day was almost as cold and windy but visibility had improved. Judy and I were able to photograph a gorgeous sunset Sunday night with alpenglow illuminating the surrounding buildings. On Tuesday because the weather ameliorated we were able to hike down partway to Lakes of the Clouds hut and found evidence of animal urine, scat and pawprints on the trail. We’re thinking it is fox since one was sighted up here a month ago. Volunteering up at the summit is a great opportunity to meet interesting people and experience the extreme weather the summit offers like nowhere else.


Betsy Fowler & Judith Leoni,  Summit Volunteers

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