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2007-03-19 07:34:53.000 – Rene Pollrich,  Visiting Researcher

Lion Head Whiteout…

Yesterday, photographer José Azel arrived at the Mount Washington Observatory. After breakfast, he asked me if I want to join him on a hike around Mt. Washington. So we started our Tour at 9:00 am and went down to Huntington Ravine. The wind speed was about 35mph and the temperature was around 0F. Sometimes, the sun broke through the clouds and spend us a fantastic light. From Huntington Ravine we hiked on the Alpine Garden Trail to Lion’s Head. The weather got worse, the wind speeded up to 60 mph and the visibility was very bad. From Lion’s Head we climbed up to the summit and it was nearly impossible to see the next cairn. The other point was, that José had problems with his crampons and lost them several times. But after a short break with cold tea, we reached the summit. It was an exciting trip and I love this mountain more and more.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, I slept outside in my sleeping bag. The reason was, to measure some temperatures. So I fixed one data-logger inside and the other one on the outer shell of the bag. When I went out for sleeping at 10 pm, the temperature was only 25F, not cold enough for the test, I thought. But when I got up at 5 am it was -5F. I felt pretty warm inside my sleeping bag, although it is only rated till 0F. This night, I also want to sleep outside. But we have hurricane force wind up to 90mph. I think that might be a little bit to dangerous and my girlfriend can set up her mind at rest. It’s a pity, but maybe tomorrow.


Rene Pollrich,  Visiting Researcher

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