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2007-02-13 10:11:59.000 – Jon Cotton,  Observer

Jason and Charlie, WGME

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This week we have an old friend visiting from Portland. Charlie Lopresti is Chief Meteorologist for WGME Channel 13. Sure we see him on the tv downstairs, but he worked on the summit as an observer from 1999 to 2002. He arrived on Sunday to do some stories on the mountain as well as do all of his regular broadcast segments. He knows what winter is like here with several of them under his belt. Maybe Charlie has an intuitive sense because he picked a good time to arrive. Even better, he will be here with us until we all leave on Wednesday shift change. For those in the Portland area, tune in because you’ll see a weather broadcast worth your time. Almost all of the live broadcasts have actually been done outside no matter the hour – 5am until 11pm.

Jason Nelson as the photojournalist has a surprising command of his equipment. His is the ability to setup up remote studio 13 in blowing snow, freezing fog and high winds. They’ve been stationed mostly outside the main entrance. Sheltered somewhat, but standing on scene for more than five minutes and the equipment, people and cables are coated with rime and whipped with blowing snow. Somehow his studio lights haven’t blown away. My favorite part – the whole setup and live studio link is a wireless shot straight to the Portland studios. I’ve seen the setup in person and watched downstairs on TV and it looks great. So go tune in! Some video is available as well.

The other great opportunity is being able to watch Charlie write his actual forecasts. Some of his techniques and tools are the same as how we approach our twice daily mountain forecast, but we’ve also learned some new tricks and gain a few more tools. Just in time for the best storm of the winter! Charlie’s watching the coast. We’re looking to the mountains. We both see snow coming on Wednesday. Hooray!

The meteorologist on the TV is Sarah Long another summit Observer for several years (and still quite involved with the MWO).


Jon Cotton,  Observer

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