2007-11-26 18:32:58.000 – Peter Sciola,  Summit Intern


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Intern’s log: stardate -315096.5 – The intern tasks of the day: shovel entrances and exits, work on forecast verification project.

After returning from changing the filter for AIRMAP, shoveling became the next task on the list. It seems easy enough: insert shovel in the snow and throw. This is until you realize you are wearing far too many layers and begin to feel the onset of heat stroke. Thermal underwear, pants, bibs, fleece, down jacket, shell, balaclava, fleece hat, and gloves = not conducive for shoveling when the temp is already up to 26 and rising. So after shedding a few layers, I felt much better and continued with the task at hand.

After finishing, it was time to work on finalizing my intern project, considering I only have one more week up here after this shift. My intern project involves taking Mount Washington Higher Summits forecasts from October 2006 through April 2007 and assigning them a score based several categories and scoring systems. If you’re wondering why just those months it is because this is a continuation of two previous intern projects. The objective: to determine how well observers are able to forecast for the rapidly changing weather conditions that Mount Washington presents. The facets of each forecast that I decided to focus on were cloud cover, fog forecasting, and forecasting for wind speed. Many spreadsheets later and a paper almost at its completion, I can finally say I’m on the home stretch of this project. Besides its raining/snowing/riming outside, so I really don’t mind having an excuse to stay indoors.


Peter Sciola,  Summit Intern

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