Rainy Days

2008-11-15 15:08:52.000 – Jordan Scampoli,  Summit Intern

Blowing Rain

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Our shift is yet again graced with interesting weather. Since Thursday morning we have been watching the inside of a cloud, breaking out to see beyond the deck only once in that time. Right now we have sustained 50 MPH winds and moderate rainfall.

The forecast is calling for more fog, more rain, more wind. I’m being reminded of my childhood, when all I wanted to do was sneak out and jump in the puddles. Now, even though my research and not mom is the doing the nagging, I still sneak out every once in a while to enjoy the wind and the fog and the rain and the reason why I came to the summit – to relish in some nasty weather.

Just a reminder that tonight (11/15) between 10 PM and midnight the website may be down due to the upgrade of our web server. Thanks for your consideration.


Jordan Scampoli,  Summit Intern

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