Records on the way…

2006-11-29 06:29:20.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer


Usually excitement about icing is reserved for August and September on Mount Washington. But after a week of warm and clear, swinging the crowbar on top of the tower to clear the ice off of the instrumentation was thrilling. Winds weren’t even that strong, I just missed the usually common task. Temperatures won’t stay below freezing for long today as temperatures are forecast to quickly rebound, possibly to record levels (again) by tomorrow.

Shift change for the summit crew is set to take place this morning, and again it looks like the truck will make it to the top. The snowcat sits stranded at the halfway point of the road waiting for snow to run again. Perhaps next week. Snow on the mountain remains nearly non-existent, as has snowfall this month. We’ll be working today to gather statistics on how this month and season rates compares to years past and the mountain’s climatology in general.

As for good news for snow lovers and skiers, we’re yet a bit unsure as weather forecasting models are inconclusive as to the predicted track of Friday’s storm. Confidence is high though that no matter how the precipitation starts with this event, cold air WILL follow and some snow should fall on the peak by the end of the weekend. We’ll keep you posted!


Jim Salge,  Observer

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